We offer a complete line of commercial washroom products which include such items as soap dispensers, stainless dispensers, warm air dryers and fixtures.


The Lorton Group acts as a manufacturer's sales representative company in the healthcare markets. We sell products and services to public/private hospitals, military bases, VA hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, universities, general contractors and distributors.

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The Lorton Group provides patient lifts, lifting slings, bathing systems, installation services and maintenance programs to public and private facilities.

The Lorton Group offers a wide array of options to meet your facilities cubicle curtain needs. We provide Grommeted Curtains, Snap-On Curtains, Disposable Curtains C-type Curtains and Shower Curtains.  

Our Patient Lift Privacy Systems solve the conflicts between patient lifts and cubicle curtains in patient rooms, common areas and bathrooms. There is no more need for patient to sacrifice privacy due to the necessity of patients lifts.

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