The Trolley System allows the XYZ patient-lift to move in any direction without interfering with the cubicle curtains. This allow the facility to maintain the privacy of their patient at all times.


The Swing Arm System works with linear patient-lift systems. The Drop-Down system is attached either to the headwall or ceiling depending on room configuration. The patient-lift passes from side to side allowing for patient privacy at all times.

The Flat-Sided Oval Track can be used for around doors and/or long track runs up to 14 feet without ceiling drops.  This system is great for private patient rooms or common areas. This system will also allow patient-lifts to be used without any privacy curtain interferences.

Patient-Lift Privacy Systems


Our Patient-Lift Privacy System curtains uses PRVC System curtains that works more efficiently than traditional cubicle track using hooks. The system uses one size curtain panel throughout the facility and typically does not need mesh. The curtain can be made with either traditional, disposable or shower curtain fabric. Please click on the FABRIC LIBRARY LINK for just a few of the many options that we offer.


Our Patient-Lift Privacy Systems are mounted approximately 80" above the floor which allows the removal and replacement of privacy curtains without the use of a ladder. In addition, it will make it easier to meet change out schedules required by infection control. This provides for a safer work environment by reducing slip and fall accidents when changing out the privacy curtains.

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The Gate System allows a Linear patient-lift to pass thru the privacy curtain without sacrificing patient privacy. This system allows the patient lift to be operated as indented.