The UNILIFT series consists of various rails, curves and transverses. It is mounted permanently on the ceiling or wall to individually fit the dimensions of any room. These systems have been in service worldwide and are the standard leader in product reliability.


The RAISA lift facilitates either a straight and/or relaxed standing position. It can be used as a transport over longer distances very comfortably. The RAISA standing aid will adjust to and person's body size. It is available in motorized or manual models. Available in five color options.


The LEXA is a very versatile device that can pickup patients in either a sitting position, lying down or directly off the floor. It may also be used as a belt lifter due it's swivel spread bar. The LEXA patient lift is available with a wide variety of slings such as a loop or 4-piont clip connector. It is available in five color options.


Patient-Lift Systems


The Lorton Group is proud to provide Horcher lifting products for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation center and home care. We offer ceiling mounted lifts, portable ceiling lifts, accessories and much more.


Horcher has been developing and manufacturing patient-lift and bathing systems for than 15 years. During this time, this family owned company has developed into one of the most well respected and innovative companies in its field. Horcher is constantly producing safe and state-of-the-art aids for persons with physical limitations.

We offer a wide variety of replacement parts and accessories for all your ceiling and floor lifts. Whether you just need to expand your products capabilities with additional components or just replace a damaged part, we have everything you need in stock.

PATIENT-LIFT Accessories

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